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1. 25 point buy for stats

2. When a player receives and Ability Score Improvement for advancement in a class they also receive a free feat choice.

3. Advanced Rituals

4. Custom Feats

Advanced Ritual Caster
Prerequisite: Intelligence or Wisdom 15 or higher, Ability to cast rituals
You have advanced in the art of ritual casting well beyond that of mere adept, you are able to cast rituals that have the advanced keyword. Advanced rituals are long and complex procedures that create powerful effects. Advanced rituals are often dusty old tomes that even learned wizard classify as indecipherable markings and odd script, but they can just as easily be scrawled across the arch of an ancient stone doorway or etched in fine detail on the inner band of a mithral crown. The class you utilize for base ritual casting is the one you utilize for advances rituals, likewise the ability utilize remains the same; or Intelligence for wizard. Unlike base rituals, advanced rituals are not found in spell form and spell scrolls can not be written as advanced rituals. The process of copying an advanced ritual into your ritual book takes 245 hours work, and costs 1,000 gp. The cost represents material components and fine inks you need to record it.